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Tang Dynasty Punish Corrupt Legal System

Posted on:2009-09-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Government officials in the Tang Dynasty in the fight against corruption carried out a large number of exploration and practice, eventually forming a more comprehensive set of content, structure than the strictly legal mechanism Correctional corruption. Tang's 12 provisions in various kinds of official handling stolen goods, the nature of its clear, comprehensive cover. In particular is worth pointing out that Tang would be illegal to seize property of the public and private economic crimes as "in the six stolen goods, China's legal history for the first time defined the" six stolen goods "charge, the ground-breaking legislation is of great significance. Tang Dynasty set up Government officials in the monitoring system is not only a political system in the Tang Dynasty in the system a very important part of the central and local government control and bureaucratic power of a very effective way to bureaucratic constraints on the power of the autonomy of the expansion, to punish corrupt officials Trouble also played an important role. Tang Dynasty, officials of strict inspection and more rigorous screening can be an effective corruption prevention and control official response time. Kam-ming in this ancient Italian study is quite representative of the Tang Dynasty Correctional corrupt legal system For building a harmonious society and building a socialist legal system, standardize the leadership of the party members and cadres in politics clean, honest and efficient to strengthen the leadership cadres will no doubt have a positive and practical significance.
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