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Study Of Road Traffic Accident Damage Compensation System

Posted on:2008-09-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The number of automobiles nowadays increase on daily basis due to of the rapid economic growth. But, it's disaster is very fabulosity for the living human along with advantage for human. Based the date from world health organization, there are seven lac persons dying in accident every year in the world. Simultaneity, the casualty is in a great deal increasing due to the road traffic accident, along with the rapid economic growth and the increase automobiles number in the end of seventy years. At present, the number of road traffic accident is on the rise in our country, it's hurt for the life of much and wealth. It is turning into a disaster of best abroad familiar, severing for human safety in modern times society. Especially, the damage compensation after happening of traffic accident, bring attention of society because of the individual advantage. In our country ,both the limitation of law and code and the distemper redness of social security , conduce the victims can't get cure and compensation in time, following the disposal of traffic accident become a hotspot of society care, party favor and all levels institution execute the law and monitor. So, it's very important for reducing social conflict and vindicating harmonious social order getting across establishing a road traffic accident damage compensation system of high efficiency and justness.The article all six parts. Part1, introduction. Introduce the learning backdrop, study meaning and the study method of article.Part2, the summary of road traffic accident damage compensation. This part expatiates the meaning, character and composing of road traffic accident. road traffic accident damage compensation and road traffic accident liability. It is points road traffic accident is a civil compensation that the holder of motor vehicle assume basing on moving on the road of the motor vehicle. Correspondence the liability of holder of motor vehicle is a civil liability.Part3, the basic theory of the system of road traffic accident. This part analyses the principle of liability, the main body of compensation liability, the range of compensation and the process of almsgiving. It is points that is having theory basis and practice confirmation for the unblamable liability applying machine and unmachine, passerby. We can judge of integration to the main body of liability threading move control and move behalf. Spirit damage compensation that a very important law system is bring into the range .The approach of almsgiving is more flexible founding on the principle of ensuring the advantage of victims.Part4, the review of overseas road traffic accident damage compensation system. This part reviews and analyses the road traffic accident damage compensation of overseas getting across the artifice of comparative. Clearing up the elite and experience. I hope it will exert effect of use for reference in our lawmaking and elisor in future.Part5, the actuality of road traffic accident damage compensation system. This part introduces all the aspect of road traffic accident damage compensation system. It indexs some questions and limitation of our system of law now, for the matting of backing.Part6, the perfect of road traffic accident damage compensation system.. This part points out that we can consummate the system of road traffic accident damage compensation from machine of compelling insurance, the fund of society salvation, the rang of spirit damage compensation, the standard of damage compensation, the approach of almsgiving, consequently, giving the genuine egts of victims, incarnating the value of law and the ending aim.
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