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The Legal System Of Accident Compensation

Posted on:2013-04-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As China’s economy continues to boom. The problem which was caused by motor vehicle traffic accident compensation for damage,now attract more and more attention from people. And how to solve the compensation perfectly, it contains, damage compensation rules and how to ascertain the main body for compensation, evidence attribute of the traffic accident liability book, The third person compulsory insurance claims and how to ascertain the main body of drunk driving problems. This article contains four parts except introduction and conclusion.The first part is traffic accident compensation system overview, this part discussed the transformation of the traffic accident on the concept, the traffic accident compensation principle rules, ascertain the main body for compensation and the damage compensation range.The second part of this article is subject to damage compensation and responsibility divided that plays a key role "traffic accident liability book" makes detailed discuss for the properties and evidence attribute of "traffic accident liability book". Then clear and definite the traffic accident liability book is findings of fact. Belong to ordinary evidence.After that the author also existed in the practice in traffic accidents cognizance question put forward several improvement Suggestions.The third part is to compulsory motor vehicle liability insurance problems existing in the dispute, First pay and No-fault accident. The author want to explore how to perfect the two problems. To make sure the victims of accidents can get helping in time.The fourth part, In recent years, people pay more attention to the problem of traffic accident compensation for damage of drunk driving. It gives detail discussion for the drunk driving cause person damage insurance claims of the problem, takeing drunk driving accidents responsibility identification and the problem of traffic accident damage compensation caused by the driver who drived jingler’s car. Then the author gived some shallow suggestions for each problem.
Keywords/Search Tags:The traffic accident compensation for damage, Traffic accident liabilitybook, Third party forced liability insurance, Drunk driving traffic accident compensation fordamage
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