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Study On War Of Press And Consensus Under The Background Of Modern Informationalized Warfare

Posted on:2008-04-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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By the rapid developing of modern media technology, radio broadcast, newspaper, TV, internet have been included into warfare, and all of them have shown much greater effects than before. Being an important method and bastion, mess media has become an unalienable soft-killing weapon for both sides of the war. Consensus war has been an essential part of the modern warfare. The 1991 Gulf War being as a turning point, the neo-military revolution has greatly changed the characteristics of the traditional warfare. The range, aims, actors, patterns and combating principles have changed or have been changing tremendously. These changed characteristics have become the prerequisite and foundation for the war directors exploring and making new strategy of war of consensus. Some sensitive strategists of war of consensus notice this point, and make timely and effective reorientation of their strategy of war of consensus, according to the characteristics of modern high-tech warfare. The reoriented strategy of war of consensus plays a positive role for the result of war. Focusing on a series of high-tech local wars, including Gulf War, Kosovo War, Afghanistan War and Iraq War, which take precision guide weapons as main battle weapon and high efficiency information process as basic support, this article argues that some new emerged characteristics of war of consensus, by means of comparing, theoretical, problem-solving and other qualitative research methods; analyzes the new combating methods and risks; points out that the developing trends of the war of consensus in future; in the end the author gives her own opinion on building up the system of war of consensus of Chinese army and the new concept of the war of consensus. The whole article consists of the preface and the main part.In the preface, the author introduces the important value of war of consensus in the modern informationalized war, and the recent research progress in the war of consensus under the background of informationalized war. The main part includes six chapters. Chapter One defines the meaning and category of the war of consensus. The war of consensus is a kind of combating operation with the mess media as carrier to transmit mess information to target, guide and control social consensus, and build up a favorable consensus circumstance. The war of consensus consists of five elements, which are the actor, the object, the consensus, the combating method and pattern. The war of consensus also can be defined into the warfare in peace time and in war time. Chapter Two introduces the importance and effect. The war of consensus has become an essential part of modern military strategy. Whether realizing mess medial can influencing and restricting a war, and realizing its strategic position, all these have become an important standard of evaluating whether a country or an army has modern war concept. In a certain sense, the great globalization wave has made the information advantage into an advantage of control the battle field, a special and relatively separating combating pattern. The elevation of the position of war of consensus is caused by the rapid development of social economy, politics, military and technology. Chapter Three argue the function of war of consensus. The domestic function includes guiding social consensus, boosting morale, cohering the public and army; the abroad function is defeating which means causing the enemy to fall apart, destroying the enemy spiritual frontline in political and psychological ways. Chapter Four explains the characteristics in detail of war of consensus under the background of modern informationalized war: strategic, real-time, all dimension, antagonism, complicating, confidential, preemptive, plurality and non-linear. Chapter Five introduces the combating method of war of consensus under the background of modern informationalized war, which consists of six parts. They are fully preparation, definite general aim, clear strategic guide, flexible tactics and strict control. Chapter Six discusses the developing trends of war of consensus, including high-tech weapon, all dimension mobilization, general coverage, which will be more developed, broadened and precision. By the discussions and researching in all the above mentioned chapters, the article will give the readers a holistic and clear understanding on the characteristics, method, function and developing trends of the war of press and consensus under the background of modern informationalized war. This research will play a prospective research role in establishing and strengthening theoretical system of war of consensus and building up new strategy of war of consensus of our army.
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