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Research Of The Development Of The Non-governmental Organization In China Under The View Of Building A Harmonious Society

Posted on:2008-10-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360215954982Subject:Chinese Communist Party
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In China, with reform and opening up, especially in the transition of the economic system from planned economy to market economy,state monopolies are the beginning of the disintegration of the pattern of distribution of social resources. This is no doubt the legitimacy of non-governmental organizations for the development of space activities. Non-governmental organizations in China, it may become the third force in parallel with the government and enterprises to promote the socio-economic development of our country, particularly to do those things enterprises and the government failed to do or inconvenient to do, to become an important social force in the socio-economic development of China. More important, China is currently in a period of transition, the dramatic increase in social contradictions and conflicts. It becomes the urgent need for new social forces, to play an active role in efforts to build a harmonious society.However, as a target of theoretical studies, non-governmental organization is a relatively unfamiliar thing. Comparing with the situation abroad, the understanding of non-governmental organizations or the practice of non-governmental organizations is still in their initial stage of development. Therefore, from the management perspective, it is very necessary for understanding the status and role of non-governmental organizations theoretically, it is of great significance in its management, and playing its due role in building a harmonious society."Non-governmental organization", the concept originated from the West, so this study determines the target from the actual situation in China firstly. After the definition of non-governmental organizations, the paper introduces the basis of the theory of non-governmental organizations. He also introduces China's non-governmental organizations in the reform and opening up was explosive growth momentum, investigates its causes and the development of China's non-governmental organizations.Thus, this paper analyzes the non-governmental organizations in China an important role in building a harmonious society. Building a harmonious society is a systematic project, which need to mobilize all the forces of society, and integrate various social resources, the whole community together to build a harmonious society. Non-governmental organizations, as a new system, have a strong diversity, flexibility, innovation and participation. It will play an important role in resolving social conflicts and promoting social harmony.Then, we faced the development of the non-governmental organizations in China and the reason for the problem. At present, China's non-governmental organizations face two major problems: lack of autonomy; A serious shortage of resources; Professional ability is not strong; the uneven development; A large number of non-governmental organizations lacks of "legal status." This paper consists of two levels to analyze their own environment and the plight of reasons. From the environmental perspective, backward concepts of social management, the three agree that the legal system and social shortcomings is important; In addition, because of the defect of non-governmental organizations in China, non-governmental organizations in building a harmonious society do not fully play the role of the original due.Finally, a basic idea is introduced to promote the development of China's to non-governmental organization for building a harmonious society. This is the focus of this paper. Based on the problem of non-governmental organizations in China and causes, the paper explores their own level of non-governmental organizations to promote the development of a viable path for the building of a harmonious society from the environmental aspects, social and cultural environment level, Three Dimensions of non-governmental organizations. Only in this way, can China non-governmental organizations overcome the obstacles to its development constraints, play a positive role in building a harmonious society, and contribute their efforts for the building of a harmonious society.
Keywords/Search Tags:Harmonious society, non-governmental organizations in China, Development
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