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The Research Into The Governance Of Internet Bar From The Orientation Of Co-operative Network

Posted on:2008-10-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360215955967Subject:Administrative Management
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Internet Bar industry is an emerging one with the appearance of computer and Internet, which injects the fresh blood into the economic development, and which plays an important role in the popularization of computer and Internet, and which also provides a good platform for facilitating people's communication and entertainment and their acquisition of information. However, the behavior violating the law and making the big profile in the industry of Internet Bar leads to many social problems, for example, admitting the underage into the Internet Bar leads to the problems that the underage are addicted in the Internet and even commits crimes. Based on the current situations, how the government integrates all kinds of social sources and power, how to solve the problem in a co-operative way and how to provide a healthy Internet Bar environment and an orderly market environment for the development of the adolescent and the Internet Bar are of great significance. The thesis will bring F town in ShanXi province into the research frame to reveal the present problems and to show the author's attitude based on the fact with the domestic and foreign research results as its research basis. The thesis analyzes the government and the other social organizations' roles, power and responsibility relations in governance of Internet Bar by reflecting the flaws of management modal of government in governance of Internet Bar, and the thesis also researches into the construction of the multi-central co-operative system and the optimization of interaction environment etc. The thesis includes four parts except preface:The preface is mainly to introduce its research purpose and significance. The author comments on the domestic and foreign research results in a logical way, also, the author introduces the research methods and research sample.The first part is to introduce the governance theories and core conceptions. The part mainly inclines to state the different implications under the Chinese language environment and the experts' different explanations to governance, and the part also respectively states the three core conceptions: good governance, the approach of the co-operative network, and the governance of Internet Bar.The second part is the analysis on the government's roles, responsibilities and behavior in governance of Internet Bar. The part takes F town as an investigation object to reveal the whole process of the government's governance in Internet Bar by the analysis of questionnaire and record of investigation, the author tries to analyze the government's roles and responsibilities in governance of Internet Bar under the background of the government management about the governance of Internet Bar. The thesis makes objective comments on the government's behavior in governance of Internet Bar and reveals the flaws of the government management with F town as research object. Based on the relevant research materials, the author tries to reveal the problems of government malfunctions present in governance of Internet Bar and manages to explain deeply the reasons leading to the problems.The third part is the analysis on the non-government organization in governance of Internet Bar. The part discusses the different functions of the three big non-government organizations in governance of Internet Bar and analyzes their co-operative flaws in participating into the governance of Internet Bar.The fourth part is on the governance of co-operative network, that is, the choice of approach to solve the problems of Internet Bar. Not merely are the problems present in the Internet Bar about its own, but it mostly reflects the government malfunctions and the deficiency of non-government organizations' participation in governance. Therefore, to construct a multi-central co-operative governance network is the key to solve the problems. To define the organization's power and responsibilities respectively, to optimize the interaction environment of the public, to co-ordinate the every organization's relations of benefit and power and to improve the governance way of co-operation and interaction are the key approach to solve the problems. With the methods the government and the other non-government organizations should co-ordinate their efforts to set up a good environment to confirm that the co-operative governance system can maintain a dynamic balance and a suitable tension between the co-operation and the competition, the opening and the seal, the sense of principle and the flexibility, that is also the key to realize the mutual benefit.The innovation of this text lies in: firstly, the research angle is new and practical. The thesis tries to research into the problems of Internet Bar from the angle of the co-operative network, and makes a deep analysis on the every organization's power, responsibilities and functions in the multi-central governance of Internet Bar. Secondly, the topic is new. The problems on Internet Bar are the focuses at the present time in China, the research modals of the thesis can provide some practical advice for researchers. Thirdly, the author tries to write the thesis with some idiographic methods such as the combination of standardized analysis and empirical analysis, theoretical analysis and case analysis, system analysis and comparative analysis.
Keywords/Search Tags:governance, good governance, approach of co-operative network, governance of Internet Bar
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