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The Research Of Plaintiff In The Civil Suit Of The Public Benefit

Posted on:2008-01-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y H ZhangFull Text:PDF
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With the development of society more and more new types of social disputes arise. And the old model of civil increasingly unable to meet the needs of the times. The civil suit of the public benefit is the way to solve this problem. It is an effective way for citizens to manage public affairs. It can improve our justice system and promoting the rule of law. In the theory of civil suit of the public benefit, the core issue is the plaintiffs problem.In my paper, first, I study the basic theory of the civil suit of the public benefit, and then analyzed the current situation and plight of public interest litigation. And I try to make people aware of the importance of the plaintiff issues. Second, I analyze the theory at domestic and foreign. And I compared three different subjects to be the plaintiff on this basis. The litigant system should be established of which procuratorial organs is main part. Lastly, because of the uniqueness and importance of procuratorial organs, I analyze the procuratorial organs as a public interest plaintiff.This paper is structured as following:Chapter 1, I would like to introduce the basic problem of the civil suit of the public benefit. Chapter 2, I analyze the difficulties faced by the public interest litigation, but also analyze the theoretical and practical sides of exploration. Chapter 3, first of all, I analyze the Proper parties theory, appeal theory, and contract expand theory. And then I compared three different subjects to be the plaintiff. Chapter 4, there is a detailed analysis of procuratorial organs as a civil plaintiff.
Keywords/Search Tags:the civil suit of the public benefit, the plaintiff system, Citizen, social organization, procuratorial organ
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