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A Theoretical Analysis On One-Man Company System

Posted on:2008-05-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360215958090Subject:Civil and Commercial Law
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One-Man Company refers to the company whose share or investment capital belongs to a single stockholder. It is started as de facto company instead of de jury one. It determines the risk and provides more flexible way in running business, avoiding dispute between shareholders. In 1987, Salomon v Salomon Co. Ltd. Case confirmed the legal status of One-Man Company's legal station has been established either by precedent or by legislation in many countries, including America, France, Germany and Japan.I have tried to analyze from the company's development. By analyzing One-Man company's corporate governance structure and the deny of One-Men company and corporation's personality, I hope for achieving a higher level of awareness and under standing on One-Man Company of our new company law and putting forward rational advice.This dissertation adopts comparison method to One-Man Company, it consists of five chapters, in total 32 thousand words approximately.Chapter 1 describes the meaning of One-Man Company, the features, the types, and the analysis of One-Man Company's proper conduct.Chapter 2 describes the emergence and development of One-Man Company and the legislation in the countries of the two genealogies of law in the world. The western advanced countries have given the green-light to One-Man Company by law and our country should follow the suit.Chapter 3 explains the meaning and significance of the corporate managing institution and focus on shareholders, directors and the board of directors. Review of a person to monitor the three organs of the corporate managing institution.Chapter 4 is on the general principles of piercing the corporate veil, studying disregard of Corporate Personality analysis of a company's regulatory system.Chapter 5 examines the state of legislation in our company. One-Man Company in China's legal system and the insufficient perfect views.
Keywords/Search Tags:One-Men Company, law system, managing institution, disregard of corporate personality
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