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Theoretical And Practical Research On Liability For Compensatory Damages In Road Traffic Accident

Posted on:2007-09-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the rapid increase of the number of the mobile vehicle in China, the occurrence of the traffic accident is increasing frequently also. To strengthen the protection of the rights and interests of the victim in the traffic accident, establishing and perfecting the system for the compensatory damages of the traffic accident have become vital problems which need to be resolved eagerly faced by the legal workers. The questions about the doctrine of imputation of infringement liability and contributory negligence and undertaker of infringement liability as well as the motor vehicle third party liability insurance are all the issues where exist many arguments in the theoretical circles of China. To a certain extent, there are more arguments after the promulgation and implement of Traffic Safety Code. Therefore, further enforcing the research to these legal problems will promote the perfection and systematization of the legal system of the mobile vehicle compensatory damages, and the legitimate rights and interests of the victim in the accident will be protected more forcefully and definitely, at the same time, the value and the aim of the law will be embodied fully and entirely.
Keywords/Search Tags:Road traffic accident, Compensatory damages, Principle of no-fault liability Strict liability, Liability insurance
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