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The Study On The Execution Remedy

Posted on:2007-05-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The civil execution remedy is a remediation measure from the country when the legal right of the litigation and the third party is infringed by the illegal execution and undue execution. Without the execution remedy, the rights of the litigant and third party in the civil execution cannot be fully protected. Starting from the civil execution in the first chapter, the article outlines the development and the actuality of civil execution and further discusses the necessity of execution remedy from the legal theory and the practice point; The second chapter reveals the basic theory and analyses the conception,characteristics and function of execution remedy in detail; With the reference to laws from different countries and districts, and on the bases of picking the defects of china's execution remedy, the third chapter treats of the value and principles of the execution remedy perfecting, and put forward the ways of perfecting, in the last part, the article introduces and analyses the exploration on the execution remedy made by the Su Zhou intermediate people's court.By combining the jurisprudence and execution practice, the article tries to study the execution remedy from different angles, and sincerely hopes the theory discussing below can be used for reference in the execution practice.
Keywords/Search Tags:civil execution, execution remedy, legal right
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