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The Research Of Shareholders' Voting Rights Entrusting System

Posted on:2008-02-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360242459284Subject:Civil and Commercial Law
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Shareholders' voting rights also known as shareholders'right to vote, it is meaning shareholders who possess the shareholder position have the right to attend shareholders'meeting or the general meeting of shareholders, and make their indication for the bill made on the shareholders'meeting. The right to vote entrusts system (also called entrust right to vote system, or named the proxy voting system), is the legal system that listed company or shareholders of public company exercise their voting right in the shareholders' meeting through the agent. With the company's operation, shareholders' voting rights have vital significance to the company shareholders, but the exercised of various shareholders voting right entrusts system has concentrates manifested company domination capture, therefore the shareholder's right to vote entrusts system had the important status in the company law.This article is to analyze and introduce various way and function of the shareholder's right to vote entrusts system, hope to pass related treatise in drawing lessons from all countries relevant legislation, putting forward an untutored lawmaking suggestion a more systematic study and make unfounded legislative proposalsThis paper is divided into three parts. The first part of this text introduced the general theories of shareholder right to vote in brief from the concept, property and value etc, and summarized two kinds to exercise way of shareholders' voting rights: exercise with right to vote in person and exercise the right to vote by agency. The second part of this article discussed a shareholder right to vote to entrust institutional foundation law theories: Entrust system, act for system and trust system and their development and evolution. The third part of this article thoroughly discussed the right to vote entrusts system specifically to exercise way, mainly elaborated the right to vote proxy, the warrant collection, Voting Trust and according to entrusted institutional law principle to analyze the client in various system and entrust.
Keywords/Search Tags:voting right, entrusts agent, voting right proxy, warrant collection, Voting Trust
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