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Shareholders' Voting Rights System Is Discussed

Posted on:2008-06-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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company is not only the capital union, but also the shareholder's union; it is a product which the property rights and the operating right and also is the product which the shareholders' property rights and the company legal person property rights separate. These two major characteristics decide the company shareholders can only realize their control to the company by using shareholder's right to vote.Company shareholder's right to vote is the shareholders' resolves power. It is the company shareholder's right to make the certain declaration of will at the general meeting. The shareholder's right to vote is a kind of consideration when the shareholder's personal property transforms to the company legal personal property, the shareholders exercise their rights to vote is the guarantee to decide the important items of company, is the shareholders individual intention to the corporate development, an is the representation of shareholders' influence to the management policy of company. In the eyes of the law any significant decision-making of the company is the result that shareholders use shareholders may realize their owner's shareholder's right to vote. If the property income, the significant decision-making right and choose right on superintendent according to their investment to the company, then, the shareholder's right to vote system is very important. It is the key for investors to transfer positive shareholders from the negative shareholders. On the basis of the practice of the companies in China in last ten years, this article researches the problems appeared in the shareholder's right to vote system operation, and discusses the effective way to consummate the government structure, so to protect the general shareholders' especially the circulates stocks shareholders' rights.The shareholder's right to vote system is an important constituent of the general meeting system. The general meeting system is the foundation of the company Governs structure. If there is not a perfect general meeting system, a perfect company government structure will no longer exist. As an organization institution, the authority of general meeting is realized by the general meeting which is the conference institution. So to activate the general meeting system, protect public stock shareholders' right we should first activate the shareholder right to vote system.Although from the standpoint of the shareholder's vote is an aspect of general meeting system because in right to addition, meeting system includes the convene system, the proposal system and resolution system the important link and son , but company shareholder's right to vote system is of general meeting system. The realization of all the shareholders 'rights must carry on through the vote system. This article be with the analysis of, and then discusses the basic principles, main body and the behavior and the actuality of the shareholder's to vote By analyze the actual problems in practice thewriter give some advice for the protection of the shareholders' specially the public stock shareholders' rights...
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