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On Use Resources Property Theory To Improve China's Mining Rights Market

Posted on:2009-05-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J GuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360242483949Subject:Environment and Resources Protection Law
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Currently facing the rapid development of economic construction, mineral resources industries on the demand constantly increasing, the original mining system to adapt its current form, the reform of mining and mining system management system is imperative, the system of compensation for the use of mining rights Initially established. Now the building of China's mining rights market dynamic has attracted from all areas of concern.Mining rights market consists of mining rights transfer market and a secondary transfer of mining rights market, both close contact and mutual influence. The transfer of mining rights market reflects the mining rights from state enterprises and other civil flow to the main process of mining rights market reflects the transfer of mining rights in enterprises and other civil equality between the main flow of the process. Today, the reform of mining rights transfer market and has begun pilot, the state's relevant laws and regulations and policies enacted one after another, various local governments have also taken a mining rights bidding, auction and listing of the mining rights to sell the pace of compensation. Compared to a transfer of mining rights market prosperity, the two transfer of mining rights market is relatively backward. Now that the circulation of this paper, two of the development of the market confusion, seriously restricting the development of the mining rights market. Explore the reasons for this situation is that China's prospecting and mining rights is not clear.Mining rights is a property right, it should be a property rights so that they more conducive to the management of mining rights and is conducive to the national and legitimate interests of the mining rights protection. This paper seeks to asset management from the perspective of resources, transfer of mining rights of China's current development of the market, the analysis of mining rights market and the reasons for the shortage on improving mining rights market strategy.Combined resources of assets and transactions of property rights conditions of China's mining rights under the transfer market, this paper presents a perfect transfer of mining rights market following measures: First, clear property rights mining rights; second, release the mining rights transfer market; third , The establishment of physical circulation of mining rights market; fourth, the mining rights market to change government functions in the positioning of the Fifth, strengthen the building of mining rights intermediaries, in particular the assessment agencies; sixth, rectifying mining order.
Keywords/Search Tags:assets of resources, mining rights, property rights, the market of mining right
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