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Assessment Study Of The Value Of Mining Rights

Posted on:2002-07-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:B L LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360032451396Subject:Mining engineering
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The thesis is a part of the project 棑Research on assessment of mining concession in mining right抯 market?which is subsided by Natural Secience Fund of YanNan province. The purpose of the thesis is to enrich mining right assessment theory, perfect concession system, and tap and exploit mineral resources effectively and reasonably. The thesis expatiates mining concession and mining concession assessment comprehensively and system atically from both theoretical and practical application aspects. It includes rudimentary knowledge of mining concession and mining concession evaluation, the history and current state of concession system, theory and method of mining concession evaluation and the selection of discount rates for mining concession evaluation by the method of DCF, and so on. In addition, several suggestions and viewpoints are raised on the basis of above researches. These may be mainly summarized a~ follows: 1 .Mining right抯 market model is put forward; 2.The author develops profit value theory and take it as the basis of mining concession evaluation after discussing the value property of mineral resources. 3.The method on the selection of discount rate with CAPM is analaysed system atically. 4.The proposals of selecting discount rate for demestic mining concession project evaluation are put forward for the next few years.
Keywords/Search Tags:mining concession, assessment of mining concession, mining right's market, discounted cash flow, capital asset pricing model, discount rate
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