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Study On Crime Of Insurance Fraud

Posted on:2008-05-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the development of insurance,insurance fraud goes up that nowadays,insurance markets of the world all suffer from the troubles of the troubles of fraudulent claims.Insurance fraud not only harms the basic order of insurance,but also has great social harmfulness.In order to strengthen prevention and control of this behavior,it is urgent for us to use criminal law as a tool to deeply study on the problems of insurance fraud.criminal law of our country includes five specific patterns,that may benefit judicial to operate,thanks to its coordination to subsidiary articles in insurance law,the present situation may do good to prevent and attack crime of insurance is proper to regard unlawful possession of insurance money as a symbol of accomplished crime because it meets the need of principle of a legally prescribed for a specified crime.In another word,this complex object both insurance system and property right of insurance company.Among them,the former is the main part.Subject is critical factor among constitutive element of this crime and it is one of the standards.Direct intention of defrauding insurance stands for the subjective element of this crime.Scholars hold different opinions on whether indirect intention can be employed.Object is another critical factor among constitutive elements of this crime.The author presents several specific behavior patterns of thiscrimes.On the issue of conviction,issue of amount of illicit also compares crime and accomplice should be focused on.
Keywords/Search Tags:crime of insurance fraud, constitutive element of crime, conviction
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