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By Constructs The Harmonious Society To The Modern Innovation And Its The Significance

Posted on:2008-01-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S J LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360242963840Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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This article embarks from modernized and the modern elementary theory, throughout persisted the theory and the practice unifies the analysis method, first to the modern age, the modernization and constructed harmonious social the concept connotation and its the reciprocity has carried on the general limits and the elaboration. Take this as the foundation, has analyzed the question which the western modern age appears, thus obtains such enlightenment: Our modern age must from "the study" to "reconsidering" the transformation, simultaneously China's modern question solution need to walk own road. Then has carried on the historical inspection in under the time development big background to our country modern age, from the modern initiation to the preliminary formation, then elaborated the Communist Party of China several generation of leader to the modern understanding unceasing exploration process, thought constructs harmonious social proposing, is we reconsiders the modern inevitable result.This article follows closely was pointing out that, to modern question reconsidering indicated the present needs to initiate one kind both to be able to promote Chinese society reforming, to impel the Chinese modernization development, and can resolve the contradiction and the question thought idea which in the Chinese society modernization reforming process exists. This requests our theory field of vision to have to get rid had the modern theory the fetter, explores the new theory thought, but constructs harmonious social proposing, is precisely this request best verifies. Therefore, in to constructs the harmonious society to the modern innovation analysis in, this article induced and elaborated constructed the harmonious society to enrich the modern connotation, to expand the modern dimension, has promoted the modern value, the consummation modernization strategic target as well as has formed the realization modern new pattern.. This article from these five aspects showed constructs the harmonious society to the modern understanding innovation, prominently constructed the harmonious society to develop the modern understanding new boundary, thus proposed the new direction to the modern fundamental research.Innovates a analysis based on above, this article further discusses constructs the harmonious society to the modern understanding innovation contemporary significance. First impelled the modernized theory innovation. Knew the modern aegis helpful to us clarifies about the modernized theory dense fog, thus removes each kind of wrong ideological trend the disturbance.Constructed the harmonious society enable us to arrive the new boundary to the modern understanding, this was helpful to us clearly recognized Chinese the modernization and its the rule, caused our modernized research to realize the new leap; Next constructed the construction for the new modern age to indicate the direction. Is gradually thorough along with the modernized practice, our country modern age has exposed many questions, this urgently needs us to inquire into what type China should construct constructs the modern age? But constructs harmonious social proposing, is precisely to this question reply; Finally impelled the Chinese modernization also to be good quickly develops. The decision-making strata strategic concept from "good" "good also is quickly quick" the subtle change, indicates our country economic development guiding ideology and the economical development idea radical change. In brief, if does not have the modern theory innovation, does not have under the new theory instruction the practice innovation.In summary, the Central Party Committee proposed constructs after the socialism harmonious society, the academic circles has given the very high attention, very are also many about the harmonious society's elaboration. But this article analyzes from the modernized angle constructs the harmonious society, this is a brand-new angle of view. This article obtains from the modern age, take modernized and the modern relations and so on a series of modernized elementary theory as the instruction, the excavation constructs harmonious social and the modern inner link, the research constructs the harmonious society to the modern understanding innovation, and further elaborates this innovation in this foundation regarding the our country modernization vital significance.
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