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The Government Responsibility In Constructs Socialism Harmonious Society

Posted on:2006-08-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Hu Jintao pointed out, we must construct the socialism harmonious society, should be the democratic government by law, the fair justice, the good faith friendly affection, is full of the energy, the stability has the society which the foreword, the human and the nature harmoniously is together. Obviously, has these characteristics the harmonious society, only depends on the market mechanism the spontaneous adjustment is unable to achieve. Constructs the harmonious society, the government rules and regulations authority regulates indispensable. Because the government is has the public authority, the management public affairs, representative the public interest, undertakes the public responsibility special social organization, it both may guides, the building society's thought, the culture and the public opinion through the control ideology and the public dissemination media, and may affects and the adjustment society benefit relations through the formulation and implementation law standard and the community policy, but also may mobilize, the society through the society to coordinate, the society forces and so on the many kinds of ways to come conformity each kind of strength. The government took one kind of public authority, it is other any social organizations is unable to the society stability and advancement function to substitute. In each kind of contradiction and the conflict prominent society reforming time, we must have a high efficiency, the service government day by day, fulfills the maintenance society stability and advancement the basic function, and displays it in to construct in the socialism harmonious society the authority function. This article is precisely based on this viewpoint, through the analysis present stage national condition, union reforming time constructs the harmonious social goal proposing, attempts constructs the harmonious society to the government to put forward the policy proposal.The article first part constructed the socialism harmonious society to our country the basic concept, the basic characteristic, the significance, the rationale and so on the basic content has ied on the elaboration. The second part to our country history in well as the western related harmonious society's thought, the theory has carried on the narration, and obtains four enlightenment from the overseas some promotion society harmonious procedures. The third part currently analyzed our country to affect constructs harmonious social six kind of not harmonious factors. In the first three parts of analyses appraisal foundation, the author at present affects in fourth part of...
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