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Package Travel Contract Research

Posted on:2009-03-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360245490254Subject:Economic Law
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Package travel contract refers to business people and tourists travel between the tourism business to provide comprehensive tourist services, tourists pay the price of the agreement. It is paid double for the contract, multi-format for the performance of the contract forms. On its nature, in theory, a major contract for the sale, brokered the contract, commissioned by the contract, the contract said that several mixed views. But they can not complete its general nature, travel packages have their own unique contract the rights, duties, operation, the principle of attribution, so it should for a new integrated services contract.Package travel contract as a special tourism contracts, the contents of a certain particularity. This is mainly manifested in travel agencies and tourists between the rights, obligations and responsibility-sharing commitments. Tourism in the package price in the contract, major travel agencies organized and agreed to provide travel benefits, assistance obligations, to receive travel, change the contract, rescission rights. Tourists mainly to pay the charges for package tours, bound by reciprocal obligations to comply with the contract, agreed to have access to services, alternative, any lifting of the right. Tourism in the package price in the contract, the parties must also bear some special responsibility. Such as travel agencies must take to support the relevant responsibilities and under certain conditions must also bear responsibility for compensation for moral damage.At present, to travel agencies in China as the main package tourism developed rapidly and become a trend, but on package tourism contract laws and regulations is rather missing. Practice of the"fever"and the legislature on the"missing"in sharp contrast, the contract package travel regulations imminent. Chinese current contract for package travel regulations is mainly based on contract law, and the reference to the National Tourism Administration developed the model contracts. However, due to contract law in the package on the regulation of the travel contract loss, and the National Tourism Administration in the application of model contracts, there are many inadequacies, the contract must travel packages from the legislative, judicial, administrative aspects of a comprehensive regulatory system.
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