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The Study On Third Trial Final Judgment Of The Civil Litigation

Posted on:2008-11-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In this thesis, the level of China's civil trial system established by the foundation and principles of operation of the inspected state, based on analysis of the country's current civil procedure system of its defects and the need for reconstruction, as well as some major Western countries trial-level system of comparative law studies and come to the right China Construction of the trial-level system of reference, the last Reconstruction-level civil trial system's guiding ideology, the basic principles and specific building measures.The study indicated that China's current level of the trial, the lower court in the exercise were among the same jurisdiction, the Court of Final Appeal of the large number, leading to a judicial not unified, retry cases is increasing year by year. Therefore, China should be in the shape of a pyramid structure of the trial-level model to establish a Three-based, multi-level trial to complement both the trial level, and realizing that the lower court trial functions of the layered set up with one another, reasonable design different courts at all levels focus of the work, playing different functions of different levels courts, in order to better realize the seriousness of justice and authority, impartial and efficient balance, separation of powers and judicial unified balance.Please read all follow-up when convenient time. Thanks!...
Keywords/Search Tags:civil action, judgment system, third trial final judgment
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