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The Management And Manipulation Of Chinese Social Secutity Fund

Posted on:2009-11-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:P P YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360245973365Subject:World economy
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Social security fund which is the life-maintaining money to common people of a nation, is a great concern to a nation's economic and social development plan and people's life. Whether the social security fund is well managed or not is a key element to the stability of a society. In China, recently, the social security fund has been frequently moved to illegal use by few government authorities. The security of the fund has been put in great threat, which has had a bad influence among both government and local level. In consideration of China's economic and social situation, the social security fund in China should be managed and used well in particular to ensure the consolidation of the society and the fast development of the economy.Based on the current situation of social security fund in China, the paper analyzed the management model and the efficiency of the fund. Meantime, the paper elaborated on the successful experiences and the development trend of social security fund in an international scope. After the comparison of China's model and some successful mode of other countries, the paper came to a conclusion of a management mode of social security fund, which is compatible to China's own national condition.The paper can be divided into four parts. The first part is about the basement of this topic, the in-existence research about this topic, the probable new ideas to the topic and some shortness in this paper.The second part described the social security fund in China, including the types, sources, administration and efficiency of the fund. After that, the paper analyzed the shortcomings in administration and management of the fund.The third part analyzed the administration and management of social security fund in some other countries in international community. The management modes in Chile and Sweden have been described in particular. And author tried to conclude the experiences that we can learn from those countries.The last part based on the capital-asset pricing model, concluded the investment methods we should apply in the managing of social security fund. In an attempt to propose viable investment of the social security fund, this part presented an indexing investment mode of the fund, analyzing the feasibility of the mode and the difficulty of utilizing this mode. And some advice is also given to the future development of the fund in an attempt to help.
Keywords/Search Tags:Social security fund, Capital-asset pricing model, Indexing investment, Administration
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