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The Procedure Of The Procedure Of Administrative Deal First

Posted on:2009-08-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G Q SongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360245973776Subject:Constitution and Administrative Law
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As it is getting more and more intense along with the society to the government by law administration and the efficiency administration's request, the administrative compensation advance disposal procedure (the procedure) becomes an essential kind of administrative procedure system in the social development.Based on the argument about validity of the procedure among scholars as well as the fact that the research is not systematic and not so sufficient, the essay makes a thorough discussion through system's method, the comparison method and the sociological method. Beginning with the procedure's concept, the author analyzes its value, considers a series of territories outside, compares vertically and horizontally and design concrete institution, in order to give directions for the restructure of the procedure.The essay consists of three parts--the introduction, the main text, and the conclusion.The introduction presents the significance of the study, the direction of the essay, the definition of the theme and the limits of the scope, which makes the essential upholstery for the research.The main text is divided into five parts, and has conducted the research on the procedure in different points of view. The first part carries on the limits to the procedure's concept. Then it carries on the appraisal to the procedure's research condition, and elaborates the existence of the procedure's legal value emphatically. It is to lay the solid legal base for the study on the procedure. The second part covers the study of the procedure in France, America, South Korea and the Taiwan area. The system's merit is showed by introducing the basic principles as well as the concrete system design about the procedure in those countries. The third part discusses the relationship between the procedure and the associated programs and clarifies the procedure's status and the function, which straightens out the relations among them. The fourth part has carried on the inspection on the procedure's present situation in our country. Questions are presented and analyzed objectively. Thus it provides the realistic foundation for consummating the procedure in our country. The fifth part proposes reasonable suggestions to consummate the procedure from two aspects. One is about the reasonable use according to the factors beyond the law, that is, to use the relative factors which may affect the legislative correlation. The other is about the concrete definition of the rules in law, that is, to put forward the concrete application proposal to the legislative content.The conclusion part has carried on the summary to the full text so as to deepen the subject.
Keywords/Search Tags:the administrative compensation advance disposal procedure (the procedure), limits, relationship, Present situation and insufficiency, Perfect countermeasure
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