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On The Procedure Of Administrative Ruling

Posted on:2007-04-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Administrative ruling is a kind of concrete administrative act, which makes judgments and decisions on civil issues closely related to administration. With professional and technical advantages, administrative ruling plays more and more important role in modern society. The administrative ruling procedure refers to the administrative subject into exercise the way, the method, the step and the time limit which in the administrative ruling power solution civil dispute process follows. Administrative ruling procedure value including its utilizable value and intrinsic value. Its intrinsic value mainly manifests for the efficiency and fair. The perfection has realized the codification of legislative rules, supple mented the norm of process, increased legal democracy and work ability. According to the actual needs of society, the law has enlarged the scope of the legislative subject and has somewhat restricted the local legislative power and administrative legislative power as well; it has strengthened the protection of the civil rights, meanwhile, increased the verdict organism of the conflicts between laws and rules and perfected the system of legislative supervision. So the perfection signifies the new development of china's legislative rules. We should perfect it from its principle, system, and procedure. Administration ruling procedure in our country must establish the efficiency, the fair principle and the evasion, the hearing, the agent, the explanation reason and so on. Administrative ruling procedure in our country may be divided into the simple procedure and the general procedure. Combining to the reality of our country, the general procedure should include application, acception, investigation, hearing, mediation, ruling, delivery, execution and so on.
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