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On The Time Limit Of Presenting Evidence In China

Posted on:2008-02-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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This article is from present evidence the time limit concept, and the historicalevolution, through to present evidence the time limit system the theoretical analysis as well as to the value goal by the comparison test angle The foreword partial mainly showed the selected topic significance andauthor's writing intention.The first part mainly analyzed the civil litigation to present evidence the timelimit the concept and the value orientation. This part will bring present evidencethe time limit system into the whole civil litigation procedure to analyze, and the lawsuit principle the multi- angles explanation its existence value significance,the author thought present evidence fine time limit system is advantageous to theprocedure just realization, is advantageous to the lawsuit efficiency enhancement,is advantageous to be stable to the procedure, is advantageous to our country civillitigation lawsuit trial way reform and procedure consummation and so on.Third part of this article first bases our country national condition, now ourcountry set up present evidence the time limit system of the social environmentalready to be mature, next, reviews our country civil action legislation develop process, along with the historical development, the thing transformation, in 2002our "Evidence Stipulated" proposed present evidence the time Limitsystem, since has filled continuously legislated on about this system blank. Oncemore, present evidence the time limit system in view of our country the presentsituation, carries on the analysis and the appraisal.The fourth part of this article embarks from the our realisticbackground, to consummates our country to present evidence the time limitsystem to propose several aspects have the Chinese characteristic the theory idea.First suggested strengthens this system from the legislation the potency, nexrt in order to pursue the entity justice and the prcxedure just, balances two manifests in the civil litigation value, from presenting evidence the legal consequence which he deadline the time length, the time limit presents evidence, and "fresh evidence" aspect and so on utilization proposed can suit the Chinese society toneed to present evidence the time limit system with the lawsuit practice the tentative plan, finally, present evidence the time limit system for the promotion to be better lays its value significance in our country, proposed the correlation system consummation.The conclusion partial mainly emphasized to establish present evidence the time limit system the vital significance, and expected perfect and good present evidence the time limit system to display its funcxion value in our civil litigation procedure.
Keywords/Search Tags:the time limit of Presenting evidence, loss of right of providing evidence, justice on procedure
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