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A Study Upon The Cross-border Securities Regulatory & Cooperation Mechanism Under The Circumstances Of Globalization Of Securities Markets

Posted on:2009-09-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X F WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360272990696Subject:International Law
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With the global financial integration came the globalization of securities markets. Countries around the world are attempting to establish a three dimensional and full spectrum cooperative regulation system. With such efforts, the intra-regional and international cooperative regulation mechanisms came into their existence and have developed vigorously since then. China' security market is a newly emerged and developing market in transition. As China's security market is gradually integrating into international finance and capital markets, it is also facing the historic project of how to regulate the cross-border securities after the market liberalization.This paper first introduces the basic background of the securities market globalization and cross-border regulation. Based on such introduction, this paper endeavors to review the world's leading securities markets' mechanisms of offshore regulation cooperation, as well as the mechanisms of intra-regional and global securities regulation cooperation, in order to examine their successful experiences of established institutions. On the basis of summarizing the above three levels of experiences and systems, and in combination of China's regulation reality and demands, this paper puts forth the proposals to establish China's three dimensional regulation cooperation mechanism.Besides the Preamble and the conclusion, this paper is divided into the following four chapters, I Introduction of cross-border securities regulation; II Three dimensional and full spectrum cross-border securities cooperative regulation system; III Analysis upon the current situation of china's cross-border securities regulation; IV Proposals to improve China's cross-border securities regulation mechanisms. Main contents of each chapter are as follows:The Preamble introduces the main motivation and purpose of this paper. Chapter I opens by introducing the phenomenon of securities market globalization follows with the analysis on the necessity of cross-border securities regulation and a brief summary of its status quo. Chapter II firstly focuses on the regulation systems of American and Hong Kong's securities markets, which are closely related with China's securities market. It summarizes and briefly analyzes the features and achievements of the two securities markets' cross-border regulation; Then describes the creation, features and feasibility of the intra-regional cross-border securities regulation by using EU as a paradigm, and analyzes the framework organization and primary decrees of regulation cooperation. Lastly analyzes the organization structure and mechanism of the global cross-border securities regulation, with a focus on the international organization of securities regulation. Chapter III makes an analysis upon the current situation of china's cross-border securities regulation, and point out the shortcoming of foresaid situation. Chapter IV sets its footing on the reality of China's securities regulation, and points out the existing issues on cross-border regulation. By referring to the experiences of other markets and international regulation cooperation, this chapter proposes to improve China's cross-border securities regulation cooperation mechanism from six aspects, including improving China's domestic legislation, expanding the jurisdiction of regulation agencies, establishing the Greater-China intra-regional regulation cooperation mechanism, improving the bilateral cooperation with neighboring states, and deepening multilateral international cooperation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Globalization of securities markets, Cross-border securities regulation, Regulatory cooperation mechanism
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