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Civil Execution Relief System Comparison And Research

Posted on:2009-12-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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October 28 2007,new amendments to the Civil Procedure Law was adopted on April 1, 2008 introduced amendments to the relief system for the implementation of the related issues made new. However, due to the implementation of relief for China's legal system is inadequate and the execution proceedings defects, we need establish the execution of remedy system to recover the rights which are harmed.The article analyses the implementation of the basic concepts about the relief system of china. Learn from the foreign counties and Taiwan region, combined with China's the status quo about Civil Procedure Law revised legislation on the implementation of the relief system, then the author improve its own ideas. The full text includes three parts: the foreword, the main text and the conclusion. The main text divides into four chapters:The first chapter is execution of remedy system outline. This part includes the concept, characteristics, the value of significance of execution remedy system.The second chapter is introduction of the execution of remedy system of other countries and regions. The author thinks that execution of remedy system of overseas is more consummation. And in carrying out comparison with our country to induce the same spots of the execution of remedy systems of overseas.The third chapter is the comparison study about before and after revision of China's civil remedy system. The author analysis the amendments of the Code of Civil Procedure in the remedy system, pointing out that the implementation of the remedy system and improve the shortcomings.The last chapter is the rebuilding of our country execution remedy system. In this part I suggest the improvement of principle, method and related system of execution remedy of system.
Keywords/Search Tags:the execution of relief, the flaw of execution, the lawsuit of court decision, the perfection of legislation
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