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Power Of The Budget Approval Of The People's Congress

Posted on:2010-05-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Revenue and expenditure of the government is the material basis for power-applying of the state and budget is the necessary process for managing and controlling the Revenue and expenditure of the government. In a modern civilized states, without exception, the power of budget approval is granted to the representative body. The first constitution of the New China established the institution of that the budget should be reviewed and approved by the People's Congress. However, during the several decades of tortuous development, thel People's Congress did fail to exercise the power in the budget as in other realms. Along with the establishment of the market ecomomy and growth of the independent and plural economic bodies, problems are becoming more and more prominent in the institutional arrangements and factual operation of the power of budget approval of the People's Congress at various levels. How to perfect the system of the National People's Congress for approval the budget,the budget to promote the rule of law ,has attracted extensive attention. In this paper, first, having carefully studied the people's sovereignty theory, representation theory and power constraints on the basis of theory; Then, expounded on the nature of the budget, budget approval and the content of the right of representative organs of the significance of budget approval; At last, analyse of the people's congresses at all levels of government approval of the budget and specific arrangements for the basic system of monitoring procedures as well as the National People's Congress power to approve the budget in the operation of the existing problems and reasons. From the people's congresses at all levels throughout the examination and approval system of the basic experience of innovation, in a bid to strengthen the National People's Congress concluded with the budget approval into the main measures and basic way; From the perspective of the rule of law in China to explore the power to approve the budget for the system. This article believe that under the circumstances of the Chinese characteristics of the nation, we must strengthen and improve the party's leadership, establish reasonable norms of the ruling party - the National People's Congress - the power structure. Moreover the National People's Congress should strengthen the power to approve the budget as a breakthrough point and the government budget should promote the rule of law to achieving the rule of law throughout the country.
Keywords/Search Tags:Chinese politics, the People's Congress, power of the budget approval, the rule of law in the budget
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