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Research On The Legal Issues Of Chinese Venture Capital Exit

Posted on:2008-01-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J RenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360275957442Subject:Economic Law
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The most major characteristic of venture capital is the circulation investment: The investment - management - exit - invests again. Therefore, the exit mechanism of venture capital is very important, only then established the unobstructed exit mechanism, the rotation of capital has been able to complete, the capital appreciation could obtain the realization. Not only the exit mechanism has provided the fluidity for the venture capital which continues, moreover has also provided the expansibility for the venture capital which continues.This article take exit mechanism of our country as the object of study. Analyzed initial public offering, merger and acquisition, repurchase by venturing business and liquidation these four forms of venture capital exit and the question which faced in our country. Studied emphatically has consummated each exit form the concrete mentality and the countermeasure.The content of first chapter is the venture capital outline. Mainly is introduced the venture capital and starts an undertaking the investment exit mechanism concept and the characteristic. Has analyzed the reason which the venture capital produces. As well as exit mechanism establishment to venture capital importance. Points out the establishment perfect exit mechanism in our country's practical significance.Second chapter analyzed U.S. to start an undertaking the investment exit mechanism. U.S. is starts an undertaking invests the most developed country in the world. This chapter in the full analysis U.S. venture capital's four kind of exit forms foundation, has further carried on the real diagnosis analysis, created for our country throws the withdrawal mechanism to summarize the experience.Third chapter elaborated our country to start an undertaking the investment exit forms existence question. Our country starts an undertaking the investment exit forms to be roughly similar with other countries, the difference lies in each national the economic environment and the system construction difference. This chapter mainly introduced in our country at present market environment, the question which four exit forms exist.Forth chapter expounds the perfect of Chinese legal system of venture capital .Question proposed which in view of the third chapter, unifies our country at present the actual situation, how discusses consummates the venture capital exit, establishes the multi-level venture capital exit system, causes to create throws can"act according to circumstances", the choice most suits own exit platform.
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