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Investment Risk Of The New Economic Era

Posted on:2001-02-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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When American economy has been increasing for more than 100 months, Nasdaq having been composing the legends again and again, the hurricane of New Economy having been blowing around the whole world, we have been dazzled by the surprising changes in front of us, we desire to get the reason so much, why?It is Venture Capital that has been bringing fresh vigor to the whole economic movement, it is Venture Capital that has been catalyzing the naissance of the New Economy, and it is also Venture Capital that has been creating lots of myths.Herein, this article specially studies the Venture Capital of New Economic Times. On the one hand, it deeply studies the Venture Capital on some fields, including the basic theory, the process of movement, the trend of development, especially in the overseas Venture Capital. On the other hand, combined with the facts of our country, it analyzes some existent obstacles that we have met in our country's Venture Capital, and give my own suggestions on establishing our zoological system of Venture capital on the New Economic Times.This article has four chapters.Chapter one summarizes the Venture Capital, analyzes the concept, history, market factors, and the process of movement function of Venture Capital. It has also a detailed expatiate on the basic theory of Venture Capital, discussed the Venture Capital in all.Chapter two analyzes the relations between New Economy and Venture Capital, also studies the trend of development on New Economic Times.Chapter three gives the analysis of overseas Venture Capital caseexample on New Economic Times, mainly from the two factors of Venture Corporation and Venture fund, selected Yahoo and Softbank as typical cases, so as to open out the strategy of movement between investor and financing.Chapter four analyzes the existent obstacles of Chinese Venture Capital on New Economic Times, from the three factors of investor, venture fund and venture enterprise, discusses the strategy of establishing zoological system of Venture Capital and gives suggestions on how to develop Chinese Venture Capital.In a word, Venture Capital is on the developing period for China, the article is only one of many on the subject, the opinion only represents my understanding, there must be imperfect aspects, I look forward to your good suggestions.
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