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China's Land Acquisition Compensation System Study

Posted on:2010-05-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360275979373Subject:Civil and Commercial Law
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As a big agricultural country , the most population in china is engaged in farming. In that sense, three-dimensional rural issue (the issue of agriculture, peasant and rural area) has become a top one throughout the economic development ,which influences the whole situation of reform and opening and themodernization construction. land-collecting is a legal action that the country nationalizes the collective land for the public benefits according to the legal procedure ,and gives reasonable compensation and proper allocation to the village collectives and individuals. land collecting concerns a lot on the economic development and the practical benefits of farmers, the system of the compensation for administrative expropriation is constituted in every country and region all over the world. In accordance with the requirements of the market economy to re-arrange the state, collectives and individuals in the relationship between the benefits, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate interests of farmers has become an important problem that can not be evaded. Therefore, China's rural land acquisition compensation system for research, is of great significance. Through this article, the author would like to put forward China's rural land acquisition compensation system a reasonable proposal.This article is divided into four parts, namely, land acquisition compensation system basic theory; land acquisition compensation system of comparative law analysis; my country, land acquisition and compensation system of the present situation and existing problems and our country, land acquisition and compensation system to improve responses. Focuses on one of China's rural land acquisition compensation system and improve the existence of the countermeasures problem. This article holds that in order to improve our country's land acquisition compensation system,we should be combined with China's national conditions and boldly draw in some countries and regions on the practices and experiences, In the Constitution to establish reasonable compensation principles, formulate scientific and rational scope of compensation and compensation standards, to build a variety of compensation, smooth channels for judicial relief to protect the legitimate rights and interests of farmers to protect the landless peasant rights to subsistence and development, and our country at present building a new socialist countryside, the idea of building a harmonious society to reach agreement.
Keywords/Search Tags:Land acquisition, Principle of compensation, Standard of compensation, Scope of compensation
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