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On Causes And Measures Of Medical Disputes

Posted on:2010-06-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years, the medical and health service in China has been developing continuously, however, with the people's consciousness of right improving, the rate of medical disputes is occuring thick and fast, and the doctor-patient controdiction is increasingly upgrading. In the present, the medical disputes not only becomes the most difficult problem for the hospital managers, and also affects the lives and safety of the people,the happiness of the family and further the stability of society. Therefore, this paper analyses the reason of the medical disputes deeply, and then proposes several measures to solve it. The author thinks these measures may ease the doctor-patient controdiction and have profound significance to make the society stablity and construct the socialism harmonious society.For the causes of medical dissension, some people attribute it to the disorder of the hospital management system, the moral absence of medical staff and the patients'lack of understanding the health care knowledge. Some people consider the non-objective reports by the news media with the perspective of "pro-disadvantaged groups". But the author focuses on deep-seated reasons for causing the medical dissension——the government: the imperfection of the health care system in China, the the lack of financial investment in the health care system, the unimperfectiom of the medical laws and regulations,the unclear nature of the hospital, the indefiniteness of the doctor——patient relationship, and many questions in the medical disputes settlement mechanism. Due to these factors, the hospital pursues the economic interests excessively in the management, which makes the medical costs high for patients, the question of the difficulty and high cost of getting medical service show, and the doctor-patient controdiction increase cute.According to the above causes of the medical disputes, one hand, the hospital should improve the comprehensive and management ability, strengthen the protection of informed consent rights and the education of medical ethics to the staff. On the other hand, the government should intensify the health reform, increase the financial investment in medical and health system continuously, and estalbish and improve laws and regulations related to the medical care, including the issue of "Medical Injury Compensation Act", the establishment of the third party intervention mechanism in the medical disputes mediation, and the improvement of the physician's risk and insurance system suitable to the Chinese medical conditions and so on. What's more, the non-objective reports by the news media intensify the doctor-patient controdiction, which is disadvantage to the settlement of medical disputes, therefore, it's very important to guide the public media correctly. In a word, the joint efforts of the government, the hospital, the patients and the public media may settle the medical disputes appropriately, and then establish the harmonious doctor-patient relationship, and also improve the sound development of the medical and health service in China.
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