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Research On The Legal Form Of Venture Capital

Posted on:2010-10-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As the "activator" of the high-tech industry and the "engine" of the economy development, the venture capital has great significance to a nation's economy. In china, although the size of VC market grows rapidly, the construction of VC legal system relatively lags behind the economy development, which has been the biggest obstacle of VC market development. Among the VC legal system, the organic law of VC organization is obviously one of the most important parts. Therefore, in this dissertation, I take three main legal forms of VC organizations as objects of study. Beginning with the definition and features of VC, I compare and analysis the advantage and disadvantage of three main legal form of VC organizations. Then, learning from the international experience of VC development and combining the domestic VC practice, I point out it is necessary for china to construct a VC market with diverse legal forms. At last, I put forward my opinion of further improvement of china VC company and limited partnership organic laws, and establishment of VC fund organic laws.The dissertation can be divided into five parts:Preface: Including: the reasons and significance for me to choose this object, study methods and the structure of the dissertation.Chapter One: Fundamental Theory of VC and Its Organizational Forms.Chapter Two: Comparing and analysis of three main Legal Forms of VC organizations.Chapter Three: Legal Forms of VC Organizations in Foreign Country and Taiwan District.Chapter Four: Legal Forms of VC Organizations in China.
Keywords/Search Tags:Venture Capital, Company, Limited Partnership, Fund
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