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To Adopt Character Evidencein Guarantor Pending Trial For Juveniles

Posted on:2011-08-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360302994699Subject:Procedural Law
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In modern society, juvenile delinquency is day by day serious. Based on the special nature of juvenile crime groups, applicable to juvenile is different from the adult criminal disposal has become a consensus of the judiciary. To the juvenile criminal suspects, no detention in pretrial is should be adhered. In our country, Implementation of this principle requires expanding the scope of juvenile's release on bail. Due to the imperfections of our law, conditions of the released on bail, is too general, operability is very poor, the judiciary's understanding and grasps of the conditions is unifies in the course of the enforcement. The application of juvenile's bail is not optimistic.As a effectively reflect of personal dangerousness, Character evidence has a significant value to perfecting our bail system, and improving the rate of juvenile released on bail.Through the analysis of the extraterritorial multi-countries'system of bail, we can see the status of character of those who wish to be released on bail has been weighed in abroad. Therefore, no matter from the law in theory and abroad in terms of mature experience, it's necessary that introducting of the character evidence in the juvenile's bail system. Bail system for juvenile in China is shoud be perfect on the base on studying related experience of abroad and combining actual situations of china.It's emphasis of perfecting juvenile's guarantor pending trial on using character evidence to build personality survey system and improve the system of risk-assessment mechanism on bail In addition, timely attention should also be released on bail during the period to reflect the character of those who have been on bail whether the factors change, then take the appropriate adjustment measures.
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