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Research On Liu Shaoqi's Contribution To Sinicization Of Marxism During The Period Of The New Democratic Revolution

Posted on:2011-06-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360305999604Subject:Marxism in China
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During the period of the new-democratic revolution,in leading the early labor movement, white area struggle, anti-Japanese war and the liberation war, Liu Shaoqi had puzzled exploration to sinicization of Marxism and made outstanding contributions to its development. Following the logic with historical consistency principle, from the four aspects, that is ideological trajectory, theoretical interpretation, philosophy method and historic inspiration, this paper reveals Liu Shaoqi's contributions to sinicization of Marxism.Liu Shaoqi to explore the idea of sinicization of Marxism experienced the four stages, that is, the establishment of the Marxist world outlook and the ideology of sinicization of Marxism sprouting, formation and development.In the course of exploring sinicization of Marxism,Liu Shaoqi put forward the white area work strategies, anti-Japanese guerrilla warfare theory, the party building theory, and the united front thought and so on,which has become an important part of Mao Zedong Thought, and has enriched the treasure house of Mao Zedong Thought theory. In a word, Liu Shaoqi has made the outstanding contributions for Mao Zedong Thought's formation, development and its guiding position's establishment.Liu Shaoqi thought sinicization of Marxism was the existence of a contradiction, the internal contradiction between Marxism and China's national conditions was the reality basis of sinicization of Marxism.From the relations between the subject and the object, sinicization of Marxism was people's understanding and practical activity led by the Communist Party of China, therefore there were conflicts between the subject and the object, and the leading force and the support force.From the early propagation of Marxism, there existed the phenomenon of mistranslation and misunderstanding and dogmatic comprehension.This influenced people's right interpretation and application to Marxism.From the structure of the sinicization of Marxism's internal contradiction, that Liu Shaoqi rationally interpreted the ideology of Marxism in China permeating with such a logical thread, that was, "Why is it of (why)-What of (what)-Who of (who)-How technology (how)".First of all,from the aspect of the "universality" of basic Marxist principles and the "specialty" of China's "national conditions" and "Party Love", Liu Shaoqi objectively analyzed the necessity of Marxism in China. Next, Liu Shaoqi developed the concept of "Sinicism of Marxism" initially proposed by Mao Zedong. Again, Liu Shaoqi profoundly explored the development-motivation of the main body of Marxism in China. He believed that the Chinese Communist Party was the core understand subject of Marxism in China and the leadership, people was the practice main body of Marxism in China and the reliance,two by dialectical unity of sinicization of Marxism in the great historical practice. To advance the cause of sinicization of Marxism,it must be ideological, political and organizational preparations for ourselves and the masses to promote harmonious party-masses relationship. On the one hand, we should enhance the level of the Bolshevik party to strengthen the party's Marxist-oriented building; on the other hand,we should raise people's awareness of the extent and degree of organization, and strive to promote the popularity of Marxism.Liu believed that sinicization of Marxism was a long difficult process of understanding and practice, which run through the cycle of exploration of "practice-knowledge-more practice-a further understanding".In order to grasp the law of its development, we must be guided by the following way of thinking and ideas principles:seeking truth from facts, proceed from reality; adhering to the unity of universality and particularity;adhering to the continuity and development of reunification;and upholding the unity of the truth and value.In short, Liu Shaoqi to the understanding of sinicization of Marxism rose to the level of theory. Today we have a profound revelation from this to build socialism with Chinese characteristics.To advance with the times of sinicization of Marxism, we must resolutely oppose dogmatism, making a true Marxist; adhere to the spirit of reform and innovation to strengthen party building, leading the cause of sinicization of Marxism;adhere to Marxism combined with the masses to promote the popularization of Marxism; and adhere to Marxism combined with people's livelihood, and implement people-oriented core philosophy.
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