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Freedom Of Association Research

Posted on:2011-03-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X C LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360308469150Subject:Constitution and Administrative Law
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Freedom of association is the freedom and rights to encourage people to some common purpose of establishing certain form of social organization. As a form of public life, The freedom of association satisfies the people's instinct which live together,and bring with approval,friendship and the mutual confidence to the people. As a mean of social cooperation, freedom of association has made up the defect and inconvenience of individual material and person limitedness which in social life, greatly expanded the space of social life.In the modern society, to realize freedom of association not only relies on government's negative respect,but also depends on government's positive assists, The government should support development of associations through financial and the tax policy, promote the citizens to truly enjoy the freedom of association.Liven in society,freedom of association help to effectively display social function, because only freedom of association can regulate the entire and the open contact in society, realize organic interaction in society. Associations constitutes society's foundational strength, also is the important symbol to judge the existance of civil society.Freedom of association is a basic human rights, it can make individuals enjoy individual rights Through association. At the same time, the freedom of association helps people to realize the rest of human rights,constitutes an important part of human rights system.However,while the association expands the individual rights,it may be a method to obtain improper benefits, pressure a part of person to exercise the human rights. At the same time, it may be a threat to exercises the authority of state, causes some person's tyranny. Therefore, it must have some relevant limitations in freedom of association, while various countries approve the freedom of association, most of them propose some restrictive conditions.Currently,our country has a strong feature of nationalism in legislation and the management of freedom of association, and has the very strong planned economy color, it is unable to provide the good environment for development of association and safeguard citizens'rights of freedom of association. To complete the legislation abou(?) freedom of association in our country firstly needs to pay great attention to the transformation of idea,which should transit from"national standard"to"social standard", Meanwhile, it must formulate《laws of association》as soon as possible,special law about association,and consummate the related necessary laws and regulations, in order to provide a good legal environment to enjoy freedom of association for citizens, to govern the harmony society.
Keywords/Search Tags:association, Freedom of association, civil society, fundamental human rights, limitation
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