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Inference Strategy Training In Reading Context In Vocational School

Posted on:2008-11-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J X ZhangFull Text:PDF
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Students of researcher usually have a small vocabulary size and unsuccessful learning strategy. They haven't good methods to improve their English, especially their English reading efficiency. Many famous researchers have done a lot of researches in inference vocabulary strategy training. They conclude that inference vocabulary strategy training can help learners know the basic meaning of the unfamiliar words in the contexts better. Learners can read effectively. Thus, the researcher plans to test whether the inference vocabulary strategy training in reading context is suitable for her students.The classroom experiments are undertaken in researcher's school. She teaches two equivalent classes in this semester. Her students are divided into two classes at the very beginning of their first school year. All the personal information is almost the same. During the experiment, the researcher arranges questionnaire; observations; interviews; pre-test and post-test to conduct her research.There are five chapters in the thesis. Chapter one introduces the necessity to do the experiment. Chapter two displays the researches about inference vocabulary strategy training in contexts at home and abroad. It concludes that inference in the contexts can effectively make students' know the meaning of the unfamiliar words, and then understand the contexts better. Chapter three is the research design. Questionnaire, interviews, observations and tests are used in the experiment. The research lasts for sixteen weeks. Nine kinds of inference clues are introduced and three kinds of training forms are taken during the research. Chapter four analyzes the data collected from the questionnaire and notes about the arranged interviews and observations. And then the researcher compares the figures of the pre-test and post-test and analyzes it. Chapter five serves as a conclusion.On the whole, the researcher gets her conclusion: inference vocabulary strategy training could benefit Chinese students vocational schools. Through inference vocabulary strategy training, her students can guess the meaning of unfamiliar words in reading contexts more accurately and meanwhile their reading ability has been improved.
Keywords/Search Tags:vocabulary, inference strategy, contexts clues, reading comprehension
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