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Revelation From Curriculum Design Of College Recreation Program In The USA

Posted on:2008-01-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360215972149Subject:Curriculum and pedagogy
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People have been pursuing an amusing lifestyle and the goal of the development of the society is to improve people's life quality. However, along with the coming of the information—based era, people acquire more fortune and much leisure time. Meanwhile, people run into a oppressively compressive stress and are surrounded by many kinds of"civilization disease". If the biggest contribution made by the development of productivity to people in 20 century was to release people from physical strength, in 21st century people should learn to break away from the pressure and the"civilization disease". What's more, people should try to enjoy the modern civilization through an active feeling. So the most important thing for people is that people should learn how to enjoy life and release themselves. In a word, leisure sport has a great effect on improving people's living condition, meeting the needs of health and enriching people's life.Leisure sports is not a new offspring in modern times but an antiquity topic with the society's development. But the leisure theory and leisure practice in our country are far behind from the developed countries. In recent years, with the development of the economy, especially because of the thought of"well-off society", leisure sports has been increasingly loved by people as a lifestyle. It not only has a good effect on people's health but also a healthy, civilization and scientific lifestyle. It can promote one's health and satisfy one's requirement. Besides, it can enrich one's life , improve people's living level and enhance people's living quality.Though leisure sports education is just in a beginning stage, it has been an important part in modern education in foreign countries. In our country, there are few universities providing the course or specialty involved in leisure sports and even less research about it, which is inappropriate with the leisure sport market. The questions needed to be solved are as follows: how to cultivate professional expert in leisure sports for universities; how to construct the subject. To solve these questions, we should learn experiences in curriculum provision from developed countries.As a developed country, leisure sports in America have a long history. There are about 400 universities which provide leisure major in America, 100 of which have been certificated by American Leisure and Park Association. The curriculum provision in American universities has a great benefit to the construction of subject in our country. The curriculum construction in leisure of America is similar to the present situation of our country. Thus, studying the curriculum provision in American universities will promote the development of leisure sports in our country. By using literature, investigative, comparative methods, this paper describes the cultivation goal and curriculum provision of leisure in Indiana University.Through the research, the main findings are as follows:1 The curriculum design in American university is on speaking terms with the demand of America society, all the university supply all kinks of splendid curriculum, they put emphases on cultivating students with different ability.2 College recreation program in America thinks much of internship and field practice, the period of internship is very long and it account for about 12% of all the credit hours. The organizing of internship is very strict. So much practice is very important to the students before they go to work.3 Enhancing the research communication with other countries will promote the development of the leisure sports education. The leisure curriculums in other countries offer us some model, and during the communication we can find the useful things to us. After that, we can construct the curriculum provision of leisure fit for our country.4 Set up professional organization and make special research on leisure sports. We should establish the research association and hold the dissertation discussion. Only in this way can we form a professional team on this major and the research on leisure sports in our country will make a great progress.
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