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The Reaserch On The Imformation Process In The Organic Inference Questions Of Middle Students

Posted on:2010-03-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The study of Organic Chemistry is not only the important section of Nature Science, but the one of Chemistry, and the inference question of Organic Chemistry is the most common in the education of chemistry in Senior High School. One of the major subjects of chemistry teaching in New Course Reformation is how to develop the students' ability of analyzing and solving problems, which depends on the information processing when students deal with the questions. The dissertation is based on the theory of Cognitive Psychology and Information-processing psychology. The writer designed and conducted four experiments in order to find Information- Processing of High School Students in Organic Inference Questions.ExperimentⅠ: Design a test for the representation of inference questions of Organic Chemistry to analyze the procession of students recognizing the diagrams, the meanings and the main point of the questions.ExperimentⅡ: Design questionnaire to know about students' solving plans and to study their thought characteristics.ExperimentⅢ: Ask students to write down their inference procession to find out how the students carry out their solving plans and how they supervise it.ExperimentⅣ: Communicate with students after the experiments and further study whether students verity their results.The result of study shows :①High school students have some difference in the information process about organic inferring questions. Students make mistakes on identifying various questions, such as language inference, symbol inference, pattern inference, and so on.②High school students have some difference in the information process about the plan of working out the questions. The difference lies on whether students are able to form clear solution to the question and whether they can choose the proper way.③High school students have some difference in the information process about carrying out the plan. The problems lie on the accuracy of thinking, inferring and the answer to the question.④High school students have some difference in the information process when backing period, especially there are obvious difference between top students and average students. Besides, the complex relation between the questions is a vital factor to the problems.
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