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Research On The Smart Home System And Data Acquisition Based On Lon Works Fieldbus

Posted on:2005-12-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y G BianFull Text:PDF
GTID:2168360125464797Subject:Control theory and control engineering
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The study of the paper is outspreaded based on the background of"the item of the study on the home and its datas collect".The network and electrical information appliance are present in the people life more and more with the development of the information society. The smart home system has become an importance research direction of the building intelligentized. It has been one hot problem of the learning research of the intelligent building and the engineering construction to reside to establish a high-efficiency and low cost smart home system. The LonWorks bus technique was adopted to buildup a cable-networks inside home after the lon bus was compared with other several prevail bus in the paper.LonWorks bus is an one of the most popular field bus techniques, and it has been popular used for its strong opening, compatibility, agility and manipulation. It is abroad applied to the procedure control, elevator control, energy management, environmental monitoring, effluent treatment, fire alarm, heating and airiness, air-condition control, traffic control automation etc. LonWorks network protocol has become the standard and of many organizing and industry. The consumption- electronic-manufacture association (CEMA)regard LonWorks protocol as the standard of the home-network automation(EIA—709).The data acquisition is an important sub-system of the smart home and the procedure control system. In a word, it magnifies and filters the analog quantity of the smart home and procedure control systems and then transits it into digital quantity through A/D conversion and then finish the data processing. It is prominent for data acquisition in the smart home and procedure control systems. But it is regreted that the article on the thorough study of it is not much.The study on smart home have been for several years abroad, however, the study on it only be noticeable recently for the degree of the economy development in the domestic. It is economy and feasible for the author to design a smart home network with LonWorks which develops rapidly in recent years in the domestic, and then the author make an analytic investigation on the data acquisition system, which is well worth for us on learning and the practically engineering development .The author analyze the LonWorks bus and its application, especially including the Lon neural chip and the LonTalk communication protocol, and then the author buildup an home Lon network, as well as the realizes the direct control of the lower equipments with Lon nodes and the upper supervises with the combinative family PC; After analyzing the data acquisition of the smart home, the author research and design a new kind of node, which is a multicenter and super-speed data acquisition node, adopting the inside image technique of the LonWorks ;Finally the author discuss the control method of the smart home system based on Lonworks with the example of the intelligent control on the air conditioning, and then discuss the realization of the fuzzy control in Lon nodes.
Keywords/Search Tags:bus, data acquisition, inside image, smart home, fuzzy control
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