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Research On Expert Support System

Posted on:2015-08-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S J YinFull Text:PDF
GTID:2176330422973012Subject:Criminal procedure law
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With the progress of society and the rapid development of technology, theprofessional issues in the process of handling criminal cases involved more and more.As a result, judiciary appraisal in criminal cases becomes more important. In forensic,a person with professional knowledge and skills in the relevant field use rigorousreasoning and argumentation to draw expert opinion. Although expert opinion hashigh scientific, but it does not absolutely have evidence of effectiveness.However, the expert attribute of the expert opinion was grossly exaggerated inthe long judicial practice, the law referred it directly as "expert conclusion", and theconclusion means the final nail. Until2012"Criminal Procedure Code" overhaul,"expert conclusion" is revised to "expert opinion." As we lack of the reviewmechanism expert opinion and the litigant lack the ability to cross-examination forspecial issues, making the judges over-reliance on expert opinion. With the overhaulof2012"Code of Criminal Procedure", page192of the new "Code of CriminalProcedure" introduced Expert Assistant System into the "Code of Criminal Procedure",forming a preliminary framework of criminal prosecution Expert Assistant System.The establishment of the system is to ensure the cross-examination right of the partiesand to effectively constrain the forensic. By applying the people with specializedknowledge in court, not only can help the parties find flaws in expert opinions to forman effective cross-examination, but also can improve the moral and the quality ofidentify of the examiner, and ending the expert one-man situation.As the Criminal Expert Assistant system is still in the prototype stage, theprovisions of various aspects are still vague, and the related facilities of the system arenot complete. Therefore, this paper aims to explore positive impact Criminal ExpertAssistant system, deficiencies which still exist, and to further improve the CriminalExpert Assistant system. The first part describes the background and positivesignificance of the Expert Assistant system. The second part clarifies the existingprovisions of the relevant laws. The third part is mainly about the existence of theExpert Assistant system. The fourth part is mainly about the problems of the ExpertAssistant System. The fifth part is the conception to further improve the ExpertAssistant system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Criminal procedure law, expert aider, judiciary appraisal
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