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Research Expert-assisted System In Our Code Of Criminal Procedure

Posted on:2014-07-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2256330401472124Subject:Procedural Law
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When the human society entered the twenty century,with the development of science and technology advance by leaps and bounds,Scientific evidence in the process of lawsuit plays an important role, the various fields of experts into court as the witness,provide the help to the court that the special, complex and difficult problems in the case. At present, our country in the important stage of the reform of the judicial system, the judicial identification system will be in the column. In the practice of the criminal procedure, the judicial organ appoint or employ identifier identify the special problem, and set relevant procedure, this limit the scope of the identifier. Auxiliary expert join in the litigation, explain the special problems which are involved in the case and query scientific evidence such as the appraisal conclusion, and compensate for the shortage of the appraisal system. The new Criminal Procedure stipulated the expert auxiliary person, but stipulate simply, lack of operability, it is not stipulated clearly in some fields such as the status and application procedure of the expert assistant, the results lead to the practices in different area are not alike. This article from substantive justice and the procedure justice, analyze the necessity and significance for the establishment of expert-assisted system in our criminal system. We should based on the summing up the experience and comparing to the relevant system in foreign countries, perfect the specific content about the system of expert assistant as soon as possible. This is not only adapt the requirements of the modern judicial idea, meanwhile but also adapt the demands of litigation practice. Through prefect the expert auxiliary system, achieve the act of law which the auxiliary expert...
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