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The Actualization Of TCP/IP Protocol Stack In Embedded System

Posted on:2006-10-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:F WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360182955087Subject:Computer application technology
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This paper presents the ARM (Advance RISC Machines) emphatically which developed very quickly, offering deep researches on the application and realization of how TCP/IP protocol family is used in ARM7 micro processor core.This paper describes the basic concept and development of embedded system at the present time, identifies the major developmental direction and application foreground.Based on EASY ARM2200 platform of Zhou Li Gong Company and the technology document of it, I program the driver of Ethernet control chip-RTL8019AS and TCP/IP protocol stack. The paper could be separated into three parts:(1) uC/OSII Realtime Operation System and migrating in EASYARM2200 platform.(2) Introduction of TCP/IP protocol stack(3) Introduction of the registers which belong to Ethernet control chip-RTL8019AS, this section is also the emphasis of the paper, it contains the main program section, and the total process of actualizing TCP/IP protocol family into platform.Especially in this paper, I make the implementation procedure of TCP/IP protocol stack hierarchical. In doing this, I improve the migrationability. When I migrate this protocol stack to other hardware, seldom changes need to be made in some files, which have affiliation with the bottom hardware, and the topper programs don't need any modifications. Data transference between different layers depends on the semaphore and message queue in the RTOS uC/OSII. I develop the protocol stack using assemble language and C language. The program can be written to the FLASH of breadboard, which can be booted by BootLoader.The actualization of TCP/IP protocol stack in the embedded system can be applied in industry production and our daily life plentiful. Network interfaces can be added to any equipment easily. Especially, with the spread of IPv6 and the rapid development of modern life, the results of this paper have more significant meaning. For example, we can accelerate the course of household appliances connecting with Internet.
Keywords/Search Tags:embedded system, ARM (Advance RISC Machines), TCP/IP protocol, RTOS (real time operating system)
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