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Research And Implement Of The Versatile Controller Of Information Electrical Appliance Based On Embedded Technical And LVCL

Posted on:2007-06-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360182988401Subject:Computer application technology
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As the development of science and boosting of social progress, the traditional home electric appliance cannot fulfill the family nowadays. People require the digital appliance which is able to acquire the outer information automatically, cooperate with other electric instruments and is of artificial intelligence. Therefore, there is no doubt that the appearance and development of Information Electrical Appliance(IEA) and Smart Home are the tendency for the future intelligentized family. It also supplies the people comfortable, safe, convenient and efficient environment of life.Based upon the character of remote control by remote controller on IEA, this article introduces a kind of versatile controller which can control all the digital instruments in the Smart Home. The controller produces command screens dynamically via IAIDL information of IEA when registered so that it oversees the state of electric appliances and switches them.The versatile controller designed is a sort of typical embedded system. After analyzing its character and requirement, we decide to adopt S3C44B0X Chip as the hardware environment of system. In addition, we all kinds of embedded operating system and the demand of design, picking up the uClinux operating system as the software environment.Since the major property of versatile controller is the dynamic production of screen, we deploy and transplant MiniGUI to complete it. In order to simplify MiniGUI programming process, we make the LVCL. It is a small-scale module base. By this, we accomplish the encapsulation of original modules, create new control and offer the frames for the management of memory and screen resource. It is of high quality of transplantation and extension and supplies good environment for the application and exploration of nested pictures in the future.We successfully design and finish the fundamental communication protocol of versatile controller and family network gateway based on the hardware, software, MiniGUI and LVCL.Finally, the article describes some IEA by IAIDL criteria. Furthermore, it analyzes the database structure of family network gateway and makes use of the gateway by simulation of software to realize the registration and other gateway function. By utilizing electric instruments gateway and embedded system, it sets up a good example for the versatile controller.
Keywords/Search Tags:Information Electrical Appliance(IEA), Smart Home, Embedded Technical, Versatile Controller, LVCL, IAIDL
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