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A Tool For Online Judge And Computer-aided Education

Posted on:2009-02-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360245457230Subject:Computer software and theory
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People are always trying to use computer technology in education, such as Course Management System(CMS) etc. There are Systems called Online Judge, which is used in computer programming course. Online Judge System can Judge a source code automatically, and This is very important. It can relief teacher from hard work, and it can also absorb students. But Online Judge System has one limitation: it's not appropriate for computer-aided education.So we develop a system called Programming Grid(PG), which is aimed at online judge and computer-aided education, based on POJ, which is developed by PKU ACM.PG is a distributed system, and it can be divided to two parts: PG Manager(PGM) and PROGRAMMING. PGM is a centralized node, which is used to manage some resource, such as problem, problem list, digest etc; PROGRAMMING is a distributed node, which acquire data from PGM, support computer-aided education, based on managing course.For supporting computer-aided education, PG system design many resource: problem is a core resource, we design 5 objects, ----- problem data, problem resource, solution, problem comment, solution comment ---- around problem; problem list is designed for managing problem, we can use it to organize problem more sophisticated; digest is for students to teach themselves when they are solving problems; course is the most important resource in the PG, we can use it to managing the other resource more planned.Base on those resources, PG support many computer-aided education method. The teachers and the students can use PG to solve problem, check their answers, download the courseware, compare score with others, ask some questions, and communicate with each others for education aim.Our practice on the course"Introduction of Computing"in PKU proves that our project is useful for computer-aided education. It is a good choice for teachers and students in computer programming course.
Keywords/Search Tags:Course Management System(CMS), Online Judge, computer aided education, POJ, programming grid
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