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The Design And Implementation Of Online Judge System Of 'Micro-class'

Posted on:2021-02-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2428330647450835Subject:Software engineering
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With the rapid development of the Internet in recent years,traditional education has also introduced new technologies into schools and training institutes which brings benefits to teachers and students.Online education companies strives to provide scientific and reasonable courses,bring innovation on learning methods,and create an intelligent and efficient platform for learners to learn independently and grow fast.The "micro-class" online education platform helps students learning programming online.Students can follow the learning route intelligently designed by the platform,plan their own learning schedule and obtain feedback on their progress and drawbacks when they want to check their programming level.The platform provides users with a variety of learning methods such as question collections for enterprise interview and knowledge assessment.There are several problems the platform need to deal with.The platform need to make sure students can easily practice when learning programming and obtain feedback on the correctness and other evaluation dimensions of their code.Also,the platform need to support the evaluation of code students submitted in programming competitions and exams.Based on the background discussed above,the article designs and implements the online programming judge subsystem of the "micro-class" online education platform.The goals of the system are to save and manage programming questions in the platform,and to evaluate the correctness and efficiency of the code submitted by students in exams or programming exercises,and return the judge results to students.The results will be saved for the follow-up analysis by other services in the platform to meet the needs of users to practice programming,and help the platform keep track of students' programming level.The system also provide the functions for users to organize or take part in programming contests.In order to satisfy the demand of high capacity and concurrent requests processing ability for large-scale examinations or competitions,the article designs and implements a distributed online judge system based on message queue,cache and other technologies.The article proposes an online judge system solution based on Spring Cloud framework and microservice architecture.In order to ensure the consistency with the existing microservices of "micro-class",new services have been split.The whole system includes four modules: dispatcher module,judge worker module,question bank module and competition module.The article designs and implements functions such as online exercises and judgments of programming questions,and proposes a distributed online judge framework based on message queues,which makes elastic scaling become possible when the load changes.In addition,it designs and implements the management module for the programming questions which allows teachers to easily query and maintain the questions and the contest module where students can submit their own answer and get a score in a programming contest.
Keywords/Search Tags:Programming Judge, Online Education, Message Queue, Microservice
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