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Research And Design Of High-speed Transmission System Based On IEEE1394

Posted on:2009-12-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X Y ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360245971225Subject:Precision instruments and machinery
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With the development of micro computer technology, more and more standards have been brought out to meet this requirement. IEEE1394, as a kind of open technology, has been widely used in many fields, such as,imaging, multimedia, mass storage and so on. It is a high speed but low cost serial bus system, designed to provide best effort data transport as well as quality service. It has been valued as one of the most efficient technology, and perhaps will be the first selection of the future project.This design basis topic request, opened a high speed circuit for the laboratory about the data transmission of large capacity recorder, and development has studied IEEE1394a interface in peripheral equipment applications. Its duty mainly provides high speed connection between the large capacity recorder equipment and the computer, its speed achieve 400Mbps.Based on the IEEE1394a serial bus protocol, we made a focus on design of the IEEE1394a equipment card circuit and FPGA relative firmware, simultaneously has analyzed the interface timing and the control chip use. Finally completes a set completed and realized project design of hardware and the software .It possess certain referential value for researching IEEE1394a.The paper is divided into several chapters as follows: First chapter,it introduced IEEE1394a technical characteristics, application and the research task;Second chapter, it analyzed and studied IEEE1394a system structure and communication principle; Third chapter, it introduced overall concept and hardware electric circuit connection; Fourth chapter, it introduced software design, and how to configured register and MCU code design concept; Fifth chapter, IEEE1394a driver design, realized system functions through debug circuit ; Sixth chapter, it is the conclusion and the forecast, and have further discussed the technical amelioration.
Keywords/Search Tags:IEEE1394a, large capacity recorder, bus protocol, hot plug and play, FPGA
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