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Design And Implementation Of Emluator Of Data Format And Coding For Optical Disc

Posted on:2008-03-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:F ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360272468925Subject:Computer system architecture
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According to the relative Technical Standards of Optical Disc, the emluator of Data channel for Optical Disc is designed to accomplish the work with software instead of hardware. In addition, the system provides evaluating the performance of error correction of each optical disk standard, which will give much help to exploit the standard of NVD (Next-generation Versatile Disk) and evaluate the performance of error correction.The function of this system is mainly simulating the process of writing and reading for optical data and this system is so strong that it could adapt versatile optical discs. This article implements the simulation of Technical Standards for DVD,HDDVD and NVD with self-determination intellectual property. Additionally, this system provides a platform of adding error in order to check the performance of error correction. According to the practical situation, there are chiefly two different modules: rand error and burst error.This system is implemented by Visual C++ 6.0. The core of designing the system is the implement of algorithms for data channel codes and the process of writing and reading including: data detaching and uniting,scrambling,forming of ECC blocks and decoding,modulation and demodulation; In the emulation process, data are dealt according the steps of flow and related arithmetic, and last output the files at the end of each sub process and check the results.In order to provide the test interface of hardware for NVD, the stimulation system sends the dealt data to FPGA board with National Instruments, and collects data from FPGA. The data collected from the board could be sent to the software stimulation for the research.The test for the system indicates that emluator of Data channel for Optical Disc could simulate the writing and reading process of DVD,HD-DVD,NVD correctly. Test for error correction performance of DVD,NVD denotes the same result of theory analysis which demonstrates the usability and the validity of this system.
Keywords/Search Tags:High-density Optical Disc, Data Channel of Optical Disc, Data Channel Code
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