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Research Of Readout Signal Modeling And Simulation Based On Next-generation Versatile Disc

Posted on:2012-11-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2218330362457827Subject:Computer technology
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Along with the technology advances and market demands, there is high demand for storage capacity, and require high-capacity storage media playback high-definition audio and video programs. The Next-Generation Versatile Disc is born in response to this demand. Because of the suppression of NVD with self-encoded discs cost long period, high cost, but also convenient and flexible. So we need to create NVD disk model and provide simulation of NVD disc readout signal to meet the NVD test disc read channel development needs.Based on in-depth study of the disc and its modeling, introduces several commonly used model and three main noise involved in the modeling process of disc. Reference to the linear model of disc read signal put forward by Bergmans, for the NVD characteristics of the disc, choose the parameters of the disc model, then gives the base framework of the NVD disc. On this basis, introduces the method of how to add the Gaussian white noise, Jitter and sinusoidal disturbance in details. Using the established disc model, encode and simulation for a original data file as the DVD disc format, and compared the spectrum of having added three kinds of noise simulation data with the signal of DVD disc readout by the oscilloscope, on this account to verify the model and the noise added to this model.By using the correct model that is verified, the NVD disc and the signal that is read out is simulated and tested. The original data file is encoded and simulated according to NVD disc format, and then a Gaussian white noise, Jitter flutter, constant sinusoidal disturbances and random disturbances are added; The simulation signal that is added noise to is applied to NVD read-channel timing Recovery module and the equalizer module, test signal quality under various conditions and the final bit error rate of the read channel, assist designation and verification of the NVD disc read channel.
Keywords/Search Tags:Next-Generation Versatile Disc, Disc model, Disc read channel, Noise
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