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Study Of Seismic Reservoir Prediction Of HX Structural Seismic Reservoir In Sichuan Area

Posted on:2016-02-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S Y WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2180330461956207Subject:Earth Exploration and Information Technology
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After several rounds of HX gas field exploration work, vertically from the shallow to the deep we have discoveried Jurassic Shaxi Temple group, Triassic Leikoupo, Jialingjiang group multiple petroleum system. Since 1978 August B51 well get Nissan 4330 natural gas in the four test, there are good oil and gas shows, HX gas field wells found the T3x4 gas from B51,opened the prelude of T3x4 gas reservoir exploration and research. In order to further investigate HX structure T3x reservoir plane distribution of HX structure, combined with the existing drilling, logging data and lower Paleozoic research horizon calibration and seismic reservoir prediction, so as to obtain the structural results of this area.First of all, we comprehensively analyze and evaluate the existing logging data, the existing geological and seismic data, contrast and interpret the 3D seismic data finely, and also finely calibrate the logging response characteristics of logging data to make the synthetic seismogram calibration, matching the seismic synthetic seismogram with the well, thus establish the geophysical response characteristics of T3x4 in the HX field. Then, analyze and interpret the logging data of T3x4, deeply analyze the lithology, physical property, electrical property, oil-bearing characteristics of the reservoir and the relationship between the four, to fully understand the reservoir logging response characteristics model of T3x4 in the HX gas field.Secondly, through combining the well and seismic method,through deeply analyze the geological characteristics,logging feature and seismic response characteristics of B123, B126, B127, and through the method of natural gamma inversion and velocity inversion, in this waywe can get the reservoir thickness prediction of T3x4; through finely analyze the seismic attribute and analyze the porosity inversion processing results, the effective reservoir distribution and oil gas distribution of T3x4 can be predicted.Finally, in the HX gas field,we detect oil and gas through the methods like seismic oil and gas detection based on viscous wave equation, Spectra gas detection based on seismic spectrum, oil and gas abundance detection based on the Boit theory of two-phase medium and oil and gas geology prediction system of PANGEA(Multi-D Interpretation TM), and we finish the prediction map of oil and gas enrichment defree and multi-attributes prediction map of oil and gas intensity. Research shows that, the oil and gas reservoir capacity can be reflected by three evaluation indexes:the oil and gas storage and enrichment of oil and gas reservoir quality,three indexes of the greater value of indicates that the capacity of oil and gas reservoir is stronger; oil and gas loss degree of permeability values from oil and gas permeability, the area of oil and gas loss is smaller, the oil and gas preservation ability is stronger, in this way we complete the exploratory research of oil and gas detection in this area.
Keywords/Search Tags:Combination of well and seismic, Porosity inversion of reservoir Evaluation of reservoir, Oil and gas detection
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