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Detialed Description Of Tight Sandstone Gas Reservoir And Measures For The Development In Block Shilouxi

Posted on:2016-11-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y C PengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2180330461981336Subject:Oil and gas engineering
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The Shilouxi block belongs to low pressure, low abundance of tight sandstone gas reservoirs, drilling reveals the main gas bearing formations have the 8 section of Shihezi group and the Shanxi group, gas pay more, and the sedimentary environment is different, resulting incomplex geological conditions. Each layer of different lithology, pore types and structure characteristic is also different, strong reservoir heterogeneity, reservoir sand body andeffective continuity and connectivity as well.This paper is based on the finished drilling data, comprehensive application of drilling, logging, well logging data, the identification mark layer in stratigraphic correlation, the sign layer under control, by the way of "the cycle correlation, hierarchical control, well recourse, section closure", completed 48 straight in the well layer contrast, are based on the structure features of the. Combining with sedimentary background of region, has been to the scene to observe cores and outcrops, logging well logging and core analysis test data to identify different sedimentary environment facies, single well facies and start connecting well section plane sedimentary facies research, and then draw the main small layer diagram. In terms of lithology, pore types and structure, physical property, diagenesis and heterogeneity characteristics of the study, a comprehensive grasp of the reservoir characteristics, finally the 3D reservoir geological model is established, can be in any form display and various attributes call model, digital geological body and geological attribute model, the real implementation of the gas reservoir static the number of parameters.Based on the block reservoir detialed description, obtain the following understanding: The stability of block distribution of strata, stratigraphic division and correlation accuracy; the structure is relatively simple, local micro structural development; the sedimentary environment changes Frequently, the 2 section of Shanxi group mainly developed offshore tidal delta plain, the 1 section of Shanxi group mainly developed Offshore tidal delta front, The 8 section of Shihezi group is braided river delta front subfacies; the 2 section of Shanxi group rock types by quartz sandstone, lithic quartz sandstone, pore types are dissolved pores and intergranular pass, the 1 section of Shanxi group rock type is mainly composed of lithic sandstone, pore types of intergranular pore debris dissolution pore type, The 8 section of Shihezi group dominated by lithic sandstone, lithic intragranular dissolved pores and pore types of intergranular hole, each layer heterogeneities are strong; The main reservoirs with ultra low hole-- especially low porosity, low permeabilitycharacteristics of super, each layer physical properties in Shan 23 relatively well, followed by the shan13, he 86, shan 21; Comprehensive evaluation, the main reservoir in Shan 2 section is relatively the best, followed by shan1, he 8. Shan 2 gas rich region has YH 30- YH 33 well area, YH 15- YH 18 well area, YH 38 well area, Shan 1 gas rich region has YH 19- YH 20 well area, he 8 gas rich region has YH9- YH7 and YH 15- YH 17 well area.
Keywords/Search Tags:tight sandstone gas reservoir, stratigraphic correlation, sedimentary facies, fine gas reservoir description, 3d geological modeling
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