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Mesh Deformation For Oil Exploration

Posted on:2016-11-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J J LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2180330470467664Subject:Computer application technology
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In oil exploration, we often need to use different exploration techniques to obtain geological data, and then use computer visualization to show the complex three-dimensional geological models. Such a method will provide a better view for geologists to observe the structure and feature of the geological environment, and finally assist them to find oil-gas resources.For geological data visualization, we need to use three-dimensional geological modeling to model the geological structures underground. For regions of different materials are in contact with each other, we should organize them together instead of modeling each region separately.This thesis studies and analyses existing mesh deformation techniques, and proposes a method which uses mesh deformation to model the geological structures underground. First, we use a mesh to represent the overall shape of the geological structures underground, then use a mesh cutting method to cut this model to obtain mesh models for each sub-region in the geological structures. As the regions are not so neat, we use mesh deformation to adjust the shape of the models at last. Considering the geological structures underground are in contact with each other, when we deform one mesh, its neighboring mesh should carry out corresponding deformation. We then use a binary tree structure to build the hierarchical relationship between the models, and establish vertex correspondences between correlated models. That is, when we deform one mesh, we can use deformation transfer to deform other neighboring meshes automatically. The results show that we can model the geological structures underground efficiently with the methods mentioned above.
Keywords/Search Tags:oil exploration, three-dimensional geological modeling, mesh cutting, mesh deformation, deformation transfer
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